Source attack

by Rajesh 7. September 2011 17:59

In IT when there is a problem, we tend to say get to the source and your will know the real scenario.

Is this attacking @ source

Anna Hazare by Anupam Kher

by Rajesh 7. September 2011 17:50

Recently I read an article by Anupam Kher and it was so awakening and what his grandfather did was great and I wonder if anybody I know can do it or even if I am in a situation do I have the courage.

One thing I am happy is what I do against corruption. I see to that I never end up giving money to get things done; although it take huge turning ups.

Good one Mr.Anupam Kher. To read the article


Window to the world - Toyota

by Rajesh 8. August 2011 16:02

Looks cool. Hope its not too expensive to get it installed.

A new innovative initiative from Toyota. Click here

"Window to the Word" where the window of the back seat of an automobile is converted into a see-through touch-screen device capable of allowing people, likely children, to draw images with their finger, magnify objects they see outside the car, learn by having objects they touch converted into another language, get distance for objects seen and be given information about objects they see."

Nice article - Keeping friends

by Rajesh 23. February 2011 11:12

When she was eleven years old, Anita went to her mother to complain.

“I can’t manage to have friends. They all stay away from me because I’m so jealous.”

Her mother was taking care of newly-born chickens, and Anita held up one of them, which immediately tried to escape.

The more the girl squeezed it in her hands, the more the chicken struggled.

Her mother said: “try holding it gently.”

Anita obeyed her. She opened her hands and the chicken stopped struggling.

She began to stroke it and the chicken cuddled up between her fingers.

“Human beings are like that too,” said her mother. “If you want to hold onto them by any means, they escape. But if you are kind to them, they will remain for ever by your side.”






Hifi Samiyar's

by Rajesh 15. February 2011 19:14

Recently saw this foto and was stunned.. Samiyar's are damn hifi these days.

Asha Zurich Chapter


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