6-year-old boy in Swiss truck joyride

by Rajesh 19. September 2011 18:19

Every time my son Aryan sits in the driving seat and plays, I have wondered what if he starts.

Then I would think come on he wouldn't know how to do it.

After reading this article.. i was oops. 


6-year-old boy in Swiss truck joyride

Police in Basel returned a six-year-old joyrider to his unsuspecting mum after the boy stole a delivery truck and drove his two young cousins to a nearby village outside Basel.  

The three young boys were playing peacefully in the garden in front of a house in Aesch, south of Basel, when they suddenly had an idea, Blick newspaper reported.

The boys stole the key to the truck from a post box before the 6-year-old got behind the wheel and drove with his two passengers, aged five and seven, to Reinach some five kilometres to the north.

Their impromptu adventure came to an end when the pint-sized driver tried to turn the vehicle and instead drove backwards into a garden fence.

As local residents went to check what was happening, they saw the three budding truckers in the cab and notified the police.  ... more

I think I will be safe till I hold an Manual transmission auto.



Sardinia Part 2 - Landscapes & sea

by Rajesh 19. September 2011 18:03

Saridinia nature was absolutely stunning.. the sea variations were unbelievable.

Sardinia Part 1

by Rajesh 15. September 2011 22:42

We had a wonderful time at Saridnia and the sea was amazing.. will continue with stunning shots..

New gallery module - Aryan's july actions

by Rajesh 15. September 2011 17:56

Was fascinated by this module and this is my first album/post with the module.

Aryan's actaions - July 2011


Upgraded to BlogEngine 2.5

by Rajesh 15. September 2011 17:06

Today was exploring the new features in BlogEngine 2.5 and was impressed to upgrade rightaway.

The gallery extension is really cool and will migrate the photos page to this module soon.


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