Yahoo I just bought a new toy .. my motorcycle!

by Rajesh 24. May 2012 11:25

After a looooong struggle convinced my wife and got my new toy .. my Yamaha YBR125..

The journey path..

Started in 2004 @ Milan..

Ended up. since my close friends ended up in accidents ( one with bruises & other with a broken arm etc)

worst part was when a professor flew with his moto and fell at my wifes feet.. Oops end of the motorcycle saga..

Slowly started it again in 2011 and with much thoughts.. safety in Zurich.. Oops.... long way man..

At last.. my new toy Yamaha YBR 125


Indian F1 - 2011

by Rajesh 31. October 2011 15:45

Was very happy to see the F1 happening in my country. was missing being there.

Watched the complete details and stunning personlaities alll over the track. 

Collected a few pictures(not sure i can do it) and posting 

Hats off Mr.Hermann Tilke for designing such a wonderful circuit. more..

Jai ho F1..

Sardinia Part 2 - Landscapes & sea

by Rajesh 19. September 2011 18:03

Saridinia nature was absolutely stunning.. the sea variations were unbelievable.

Sardinia Part 1

by Rajesh 15. September 2011 22:42

We had a wonderful time at Saridnia and the sea was amazing.. will continue with stunning shots..

New gallery module - Aryan's july actions

by Rajesh 15. September 2011 17:56

Was fascinated by this module and this is my first album/post with the module.

Aryan's actaions - July 2011


Asha Zurich Chapter


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