Welcome back Iceman

by Rajesh 30. November 2011 10:53

I like this guy, the way he is focused, just does his job to the highest level.

Although everyone says hes not a friendly person, but he does his job perfectly. As Schumi says we are in F1 not to make friends and not to take coffeee.

Welcome back Mr.Iceman.


Anna Hazare by Anupam Kher

by Rajesh 7. September 2011 17:50

Recently I read an article by Anupam Kher and it was so awakening and what his grandfather did was great and I wonder if anybody I know can do it or even if I am in a situation do I have the courage.

One thing I am happy is what I do against corruption. I see to that I never end up giving money to get things done; although it take huge turning ups.

Good one Mr.Anupam Kher. To read the article


Another nice work by a group

by Rajesh 23. November 2010 22:54

Came across this video and website and was really impressed, surely will get in touch with these people to do something I can.


Go through this website for more info. Click here


Ferrari 458 Italia announced!

by Rajesh 28. August 2009 22:11

MIB's memory loss device may be a reality soon

by Rajesh 21. August 2009 18:46

Good for bad memories.. 

Why do we remember bad things? A single chemical may make all the difference

With a single well-timed injection, scientists show they can erase a bad memory from the mind of a rat.

For their remarkable finding, researchers from Brazil and Argentina gave electric shocks to rats and then tested how long the animals remembered and tried to avoid shocks in the future. The researchers showed that rats will quickly forget a shock if, 12 hours after the event, they're given a memory-wiping shot of something called a D1 dopamine receptor antagonist -- a substance that knocks out major receptors for one of the brain's key neurotransmitters, dopamine. Rats that received a milder shock, however, could be made to remember that less serious event for longer, if they received a shot of a dopamine promoter 12 hours after the event.

The magic number was 12. Shots didn't seem to work if given immediately after the fearful event, and they didn't seem to work if given nine hours after the event. This result, published today in the journal Science, suggests that dopamine may not play much of a role in forming thoughts and fears, but rather in lodging those experiences in long-term memory. And that's a chemical mechanism that may well occur in humans as well as rats.


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