Window to the world - Toyota

by Rajesh 8. August 2011 16:02

Looks cool. Hope its not too expensive to get it installed.

A new innovative initiative from Toyota. Click here

"Window to the Word" where the window of the back seat of an automobile is converted into a see-through touch-screen device capable of allowing people, likely children, to draw images with their finger, magnify objects they see outside the car, learn by having objects they touch converted into another language, get distance for objects seen and be given information about objects they see."

My mom and most Indian moms will be so happy - Toshiba battery TV

by Rajesh 29. November 2010 17:02

I have seen how my mom and aunts feels frustrated when the power goes off during the SERIAL hours.

They will be really happy to hear the news that Toshiba is coming with a TV that will work when there is a power cut.


I can visualize what my mom will say to me during this vacation. Raja oru puthu TV vanthu irukame current illati work akumam, athu romba velaya? Enaku vendam, summa keten Wink

Cleanse your mobiles

by Rajesh 20. October 2010 01:20

I often thought about cleansing my mobile and never do it..

After reading this news of mobiles dirtier than toilet handles..

I found this product is cool.. Cleaning your phone using ultraviolet..


Planning to buy this.

The Woogie - Is your kid playing with your iPhone?

by Administrator 17. September 2010 21:39

Cool product after seeing the usage of my iPhone by my son Aryan

Source :

No Hands! Wearable Camcorder

by Rajesh 16. September 2010 19:33

Wow! this is definitely an useful product.


Although the resolution is low, I would say instead of  buying a real big HD camera, and not using it.(Personal experience)




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