Nice article - Keeping friends

by Rajesh 23. February 2011 11:12

When she was eleven years old, Anita went to her mother to complain.

“I can’t manage to have friends. They all stay away from me because I’m so jealous.”

Her mother was taking care of newly-born chickens, and Anita held up one of them, which immediately tried to escape.

The more the girl squeezed it in her hands, the more the chicken struggled.

Her mother said: “try holding it gently.”

Anita obeyed her. She opened her hands and the chicken stopped struggling.

She began to stroke it and the chicken cuddled up between her fingers.

“Human beings are like that too,” said her mother. “If you want to hold onto them by any means, they escape. But if you are kind to them, they will remain for ever by your side.”






Obama depicted as Lord Nataraja

by Rajesh 22. November 2010 12:16

Recently I read this article and I have a mixed feeling, lot of hindus have opposed newsweek on this.



Children in motorcycle

by Rajesh 19. November 2010 13:36

Today I wanted to start the idea of buying a motorcycle and was looking into the details.

Through the course wanted to check what are the requirements/addons for taking Aryan (my 4 yrs) along with me.

One of my search came up with this image and I was dumbstruck.



A robber not suitable for his profession

by Rajesh 18. September 2009 19:11

Oh man you are not suitable for this profession

So apparently it actually works both ways: careless Facebook use can both get you robbed and get you arrested for burglary.

According to The Journal, a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man was arraigned earlier this week on a charge of felony daytime robbery. How did police catch him? Simple: the burglar left a trail, by way of checking his Facebook account before leaving the house with two diamond rings and forgetting to log out.

Jonathan Parker remains in custody on $10,000 bail, facing a maximum 10 year prison sentence if convicted. A friend of the defendant said Parker had asked him for help breaking into the victim’s house the previous night, so things are not looking too good for the perp.

What do you think: is this a case of Facebook addiction, or just a very dim burglar? If robbery weren’t such a serious matter we might consider this story pretty much hilarious. As Homer Simpson would say, “doh!”


Navigators.... helpful in many ways.. but painful sometimes..

by Rajesh 28. July 2009 22:07

Am using navigator (GPS) for the past 4 years and couple of times it took me into "One way / No Entry" roads. 

Luckily didnt loose any points.. When I read the news below.. Oh nooo.. .

I dont think its a GPS issue ?

Swedish couple miss Italian isle after GPS blunder


Asha Zurich Chapter


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