Yahoo I just bought a new toy .. my motorcycle!

by Rajesh 24. May 2012 11:25

After a looooong struggle convinced my wife and got my new toy .. my Yamaha YBR125..

The journey path..

Started in 2004 @ Milan..

Ended up. since my close friends ended up in accidents ( one with bruises & other with a broken arm etc)

worst part was when a professor flew with his moto and fell at my wifes feet.. Oops end of the motorcycle saga..

Slowly started it again in 2011 and with much thoughts.. safety in Zurich.. Oops.... long way man..

At last.. my new toy Yamaha YBR 125


IIS Request Limits (Verify the requestFiltering/requestLimits@maxAllowedContentLength setting in the config file.)

by Rajesh 15. February 2012 13:11

Reference :

Verify the configuration/system.webServer/security/requestFiltering/requestLimits@maxAllowedContentLength setting in the applicationhost.config or web.config file."

The <requestLimits> element specifies limits on HTTP requests that are processed by the Web server. These limits include the maximum size of a request, the maximum URL length, and the maximum length for a query string. In addition, the <requestLimits> element can contain a collection of user-defined HTTP header limits in the <headerLimits> element, which allows you to define custom settings on HTTP headers.

Note: When request filtering blocks an HTTP request because an HTTP request exceeds the request limits, IIS 7 will return an HTTP 404 error to the client and log one of the following HTTP statuses with a unique substatus that identifies the reason that the request was denied:

HTTP SubstatusDescription
404.13 Content Length Too Large
404.14 URL Too Long
404.15 Query String Too Long

These substatuses allow Web administrators to analyze their IIS logs and identify potential threats.

In addition, when an HTTP request exceeds the header limits that are defined in the in the<headerLimits> element, IIS 7 will return an HTTP 404 error to the client with the following substatus:

HTTP SubstatusDescription
404.10 Request Header Too Long

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Welcome back Iceman

by Rajesh 30. November 2011 10:53

I like this guy, the way he is focused, just does his job to the highest level.

Although everyone says hes not a friendly person, but he does his job perfectly. As Schumi says we are in F1 not to make friends and not to take coffeee.

Welcome back Mr.Iceman.


Debugging in vs2010 class library

by Rajesh 25. November 2011 11:56

Today was struggling to debug a class library and got stuck and this was so useful.


Try disabling Just My Code (JMC).

  • Tools -> Options -> Debugger
  • Uncheck "Enable Just my Code"

By default the debugger tries to restrict the view of the world to code that is only contained within your solution. This is really heplful at times but when you want to debug code which is not in your solution (as is your situation) you need to disable JMC in order to see it. Otherwise the code will be treated as external and largely hidden from your view.


When you're broken in your code try the following.

  • Debug -> Windows -> Modules
  • Find the DLL for the project you are interested in
  • Right Click -> Load Symbols -> Select the Path to the .PDB for your other project

Son during shaving

by Rajesh 15. November 2011 12:04

My Aryan used to stand with me during my shave and use foam, brush etc in a professional manner.

Got a shot during last week and I feel so bliss when I see this and the way he grows. Luv u da mottai.



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